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Guns, Weed and Anarchy – The Road To Freedom

Whole film HD on YouTube:

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76- minute 2014 Anarchist cut (better than the original!). Watch the whole film on YouTube HERE.

Torrents (please seed!):

Torrent of great-looking HD h.264 rip (1.6 Gb)

Torrent of DVD .iso file (4 Gb)

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Whole film HD on YouTube:

Stuff I cut to make the Anarchist version (is also DVD extra on DVD):

Post about the making of the anarchy cut.

Guns and Weed: The Road to Freedom is a documentary film from Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi. 99 minutes. (USA) ENGLISH. 16×9. FEATURING: Sheriff Richard Mack, MamaLiberty, Shane Scheid, Neema Vedadi, J-Tizzle, and many many more. From MVD Visual (Catalog number: MVD5280D. UPC: 760137528098).

Buy the director’s cut DVD  HERE. (old 99-minute cut from 2011.)


“A great film. And it truly IS America.
Adam Curry

“I was surprised by all the humor, and I loved that you guys made such hardcore, principled points without beating your audience over the head with abstruse philosophy.”
-Claire Wolfe

“I’m impressed with how well you presented such a difficult synthesis of two freedom-loving cultures which often view each other as antithetical. The message of ‘Live and let live’ shines through in this very hip and unique video.”
Boston T. Party

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